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About Us

ResTech Systems is comprised of several experience developers and designers. While playing Yahoo chess online in the late 90’s, our CEO and Founder, Harry Respass, hit a view source button by accident. As this would prove to be the start of something new. He dissected the code and learned what every line of code did. After attending a few classes, he was well on his way to become a developer.

Learning basic languages like HTML , Javascript and Photshop catapulted his knowledge of the world wide web. Working with many different companies, some government, some private, he learned the trades of the business. Thus ResTech Systems was formed and although a challenge, has been very rewarding.

Why Choose ResTech Systems?

We pride ourselves in customer satisfication. We maximize your investments by creating sites that combine great content, design and user experience, to make your business stand out and enhance your profits. All of our sites are created from scratch using some of the latest technologies, giving you a secure and professional product.

In business for over 15 years, we have learned the tricks of the trade to promoting exceptional design using creative templates that are not only eye catching but are responsive as well. We are big in the Drupal community and work closely with other products like Magento for ecommerce, and Wordpress for basic blogging to name a few.

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